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MBNF Director: R. Holly Fitch, Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience/Dept. of Psychological Science
Other Affiliations: Institute for Systems Genomics, Institute for Brain and Cognitive Science.
Email:; Phone: 486-2554

MBNF Manager: Maggie Balogh, Research Assistant
Email:; Phone: 486-3910

Behavioral Consultant/Partner:
•John Salamone (BNS-Psych/Storrs)
Available for consulting on models of motivational impairments/depression. Email:, Phone 486-4302

Other Faculty Consultant/Partners:
•Nicole Landi (DEV-Psych/Storrs). Consultant, clinical tasks relevant to reading impairments and associated genetics.
•Inge-Marie Eigsti (CLIN-Psych/Storrs). Consultant, clinical tasks relevant to autism spectrum disorders.
•Elissa Chesler (The Jackson Lab/JAX, Bar Harbor, ME). Consultant, BioInformatics, database management, gene models.
•Mike O’Neill (MCB/Storrs). Consultant, epigenetics, gene imprinting, and gene sequencing methodologies.
•Carl Coelho (SLHS/Storrs). Consultant, clinical tasks relevant to traumatic brain injury and stroke models.
•Alex Jackson (PNB/Storrs). Consultant, murine genetics and behavior.
•Gerry Altmann (PAC-Psych/Storrs). Consultant, cognitive models/semantic perceptual tasks.
•Jim Magnuson (PAC-Psych/Storrs). Consultant, cognitive models/language-learning tasks.

Affiliated Organizations
The Institute for Systems Genomics (ISG)
The Connecticut Institute for Brain and Cognitive Sciences (IBACS)
UConn IGERT – Language Plasticity — Genes, Brain, Computation and Cognition